Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Tip - Repot Your Plants

The Tuesday Tip of the day...Repot Your Plants!

 So I've had this plant for years. I am not even sure where I got it -- it is the only one that has survived my black thumb. So I talked about this plant - how it was dormant. I couldn't kill it (like the "others") and I couldn't get it to grow. Yes, I am that dumb. So, last summer I decided to repot it. Oh my goodness, I seriously thought I was in a Little Shop of Horrors sequel. C'mon, you remember that movie? Feed me, Seymour? No? Okay, well this plant had roots like carrots - okay, maybe tree trunks! Here it is:

Ummm... where is the dirt? (a little embarrassing!)

The sad ending to the story is because of HIM:

The plant isn't poisonous to cats, but he kept eating it and having an allergic reaction...so the plants found a new home at my sister's house!

This is all I have left:

Three aloe plants that don't seem to have any "aloe" in them! LOL

In case you haven't seen Little Shop of Horrors:

If you want to try to grow a spider plant:

 Maybe I will opt for the "NEARLY NATURAL" silk version:


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  1. I always replant my plants, I've never trusted the soil that they come in (lacking nutrients, etc). I picked up this adorable little tree at Ikea a couple months ago and repotted it when I got home and the roots looked just like yours! I was shocked! So I loosened the soil between the roots and replanted. Now the tree is growing new branches and looks great!

  2. Sometimes gardeners do forget