Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Funnies + Free Advertising

It's time for Friday Funnies!  So, you've met one of my cats (the one with the big butt sitting in my plant), and he is certainly the most mischievous.   I joke around and say that I've had to "discipline" him way more than I ever had to with my daughters. It actually isn't a joke - he is so ornery....and deaf.  So he can't hear you telling him to stop knocking stuff off the dress over and over and over...and you can't squirt him with a water bottle 'cause he can't even feel it!  So...I just pick him up and move him, so he can go back a million times.  I have to admit...I sometimes bug him while he is sleeping just so he can see how it feels. Yeah, I know, he totally doesn't connect the two events!

I thought I would let me readers participate in today's Friday Funnies and as a reward offer you free advertising on my facebook fan page and this blog.  Depending on how many entries, I may feature everyone's captions and advertisements!  This blog is averaging 4-5K per month and increasing each month.  I also pin every blog post on collaborative pinterest boards with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Here is how it will work in two easy steps:

1. Go to my facebook page and click "LIKE."  Next enter your caption and website advertisement link below the photos.  The captions with the most likes will be featured  on this blog first. :)  Note: Please keep all captions clean and only post appropriate websites.

2.  Next Friday, I will add the most popular captions to the photos and post them on this blog.  They will also be pinned on pinterest collaborative boards with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Click HERE to write a caption.

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