Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bathroom Soap Money Saving Tip

Bathroom Soap Money Saving Tip

Are you out of soap?  Too busy to run to the store? 

No worries!

You likely have SOMETHING under your
bathroom sink that will work just fine.

Trust me...

soap is soap is soap..

But wait (you say) I have a foaming soap dispenser...
YES, this will work for your recycled foaming dispenser, too!

Choose one...remember soap is soap is soap...

Okay, so you want to be REALLY frugal?

Then choose this ONE:

However, I am going to choose the Softsoap below because 
it is a large bottle taking up space in my bathroom.  

It has lasted FOREVER!

Ha Ha...I just noticed the bottle says 450+ dispenses.

Yeah, right.

Take that times a million...

Well maybe not a million but close.

Fill it up - maybe about 1/2 inch?  I'm not great at estimating!

Just squirt some in...

Now for a trick...

Turn the water on and let it get HOT.

Is it hot yet?

Turn it down - you don't want BUBBLES everywhere.

If you don't turn it down, you won't get 
much water  in the dispenser because


will be in the way!

Fill it slowly with HOT water.

Keep going...

Look! Full of water and not tons of BUBBLES!

Put the LID on.  Now SHAKE it up!

See you were worried it wouldn't be "soapy" enough.

Now you have BUBBLES at the appropriate time.

There you have it! 

The most FRUGAL soap EVER!  

Well, maybe not ever...

but it IS easy 

AND inexpensive!



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  5. When you get down to a tiny sliver of soap, grab a new bar and work it into a lather. Press the sliver into the new bar. It might take two trips to the shower to get the sliver to stick to the new bar but it will!

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  8. Foaming soap dispensers will increase your savings as they use 1/8 the normal amount of liquid soap by mixing with water. When you get down to a tiny sliver of soap, grab a new bar and work it into a lather. Press the sliver into the new bar.

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