Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Paint a Wood Sign

Here is one method I sometimes use when painting wood signs:

Step 1:  I have four blank wood signs.  Each is approx. 7" x 9".  Hubby bought the wood and cut it to size. :)  (Don't forget your coffee - see mine?)

Step 2:  Choose any acrylic paint color and a sponge.  I use Styrofoam plates as a palette.  I cover it with foil to make the plates last longer.  My sponge is wet, but not dripping wet.  I chose gray paint.

Step 3:  I always use my old hair dryer.  This definitely speeds up the process. It is also great for drying mid-way through projects to eliminate smearing!

Step 4:  I do most of my work free hand, but I wanted to show you an easy way to do fancy font.  I believe this font is Harrington.  I make it the size I want, then print it out.  I usually draw a box around the text to help center on the project.

Step 5:  This is a graphite pencil I use to shade the back.  Sometimes I use pink or white chalk instead - it depends on the project. A regular pencil will do as well.

Step 6:  Turn the paper over, place it on the board, and trace with a mechanical pencil.

Step 7:  I don't push super hard because I only use this for a guide and spacing.  If you push harder or use more pencil rubbing on the back, it will be darker.

Step 8:  I have a favorite liner brush. I am really hard on them, so I hope this one doesn't decide to "fan" out soon.

Step 9:  Begin painting!

Step 10:  I am left-handed, so I have to paint right to left.  Believe it or not, I think I can paint cursive better right to left than left to right.

Step 11:  All done with the words!  I love this font - it seems to match this bible verse perfectly!

Step 12:  Now for the fun dandelions!  I water down my paint a smidge.  These are just free hand.  Every dandelion is different, so you really can't mess up.

Step 13:  My dandelion paintings have been very popular.

Step 14:  The black and gray dandelions are where to add the white one?

Step 15:  Okay, I decided to add two white ones. :)  All done!

Here are some more I painted today...

Have fun painting! If you are not a painter, you may click on the pictures to purchase one of these.

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  1. Easy to understand and I like the humor.

  2. I do most of my work free hand, but I wanted to show you an easy way to do fancy font. I believe this font is Harrington. I make it the size I want, then print it out. I usually draw a box around the text to help center on the project. personalized wood cabin signs

  3. New to a project like this, do you shade the whole back side of the paper?

    1. You do not have to shade the entire back side - just the parts you want to show up.

  4. What is your favorite liner brush?

    1. The cheapest at Hobby Lobby :) It varies. Thanks for visiting.

  5. LOVE your instructions! Wish I would've found them LONG ago, like when I was still using a typewriter, in the '70's!!!😂
    But really, you make it SO simple, not wordy and give pictures too! And I LOVE the verse you choose! "Be still and KNOW that I am God". I teach Children's Worship in our church and we say that verse and actually sing a song that is just that verse. One Sunday morning a sweet little boy asked me if I was God! Now at the beginning of every school year we always make sure they understand that we're singing to our Heavenly Father! Oh, from the mouths of babes!

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