Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Remove a Wall Border

We downsized this summer and moved into a smaller home with more "character."  One of the bedrooms had been a little boy's and was painted in a blue and brown - not really what I wanted for my new office.  I've never really had an office but since I quit my day job (and gained my 24/7 job - more on that later!), I wanted it to look nice.  Here is was before:

So I began priming the walls.  I don't really like to prime, but it does save time. I am pretty short, so I didn't really notice anything unusual on these walls....until I started to prime along the ceiling.

Guess what I found?

Okay, I know you know. YES, a wall border that had been PAINTED over. Ugh!

Mind you, this wasn't the only room were were painting before we moved in. I wasn't expecting this "hiccup."

It was on three out of the four wall.  I started to scrape and it easily came off.


The top layer easily cam off. It left the fuzzy stuff underneath.  No problem.

 I've had enough experience upcycling old vintage items and painting them that I knew the magic potion....Believe it or not...

No, Lysol isn't paying me for this post. However, if you want to tell them about finding their product here..yeah, I'd love to have a free case of this stuff! LOL. Anyway...

You can also buy it here:

SO, I easily scraped/peeled off the top layer, then gave the fuzzy stuff a soaking with this Lysol KITCHEN cleaner. For some reason, it has to be the kitchen cleaner. This stuff takes off soap scum, price tag sticky residue, grease, etc.

By the time I finished spraying, I headed back to where I started with a scraper...

Yepper, it scraped right off. Really no elbow grease required - because I am a wimp.

Spraying it on - see it's wet.

 After soaking for a few minutes, the fuzzy stuff came right off!

I bet you feel like you are seeing some kind of magic trick or that I scrubbed really hard.  Seriously, I am five feet tall with no leverage or muscle! Ha! It was amazing!

Next, I was able to finish priming.

It's now dark outside and no overhead light! 
But once I'm on a roll (no pun intended), I don't like to stop!

The results are a nice light gray.

And best of all, NO BORDER!

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  1. Hello, How did you get the painted wallpaper off? Did you use wallpaper remover like DIF and score the wallpaper? Thank you