Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Printable Posters for Counselors

I have been working on printable posters for the local school counselors.  Of course, if you know me well, I can't just make one. (Some call it diligent - but really, it is more like OCD.)  Here they are.  Please leave a comment and vote for your favorite! Oh, I just realized I made nine - darn, I should have made one more! LOL

Option A:  Chalkboard with Red Glitter Border

Option B: Chalkboard - No Border

Option C:  Dark Brick Wall

Option D:  Light Brick Wall

Option E:  Partial Polka Dot Border

Option F: Polka Dots

 Option G:  Green Chevron

 Option H:  Mustache with Red Glitter/Gray Chevron

Option I:  Mustache with Red Glitter/Light Gray Chevron

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  1. They're all cute, but I love the partial polka-dots! How would I get one of those?!

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  3. I am so happy you like them! You may purchase them on Etsy or TpT. I added the links above. Thank you!