Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Rescue Gone Bad

So I usually write a bit before showering, but today I decided to shower first, grabbed some coffee and headed to my office.  Since it is gorgeous out, I opened my window all the way...and noticed a pretty white butterfly. Okay, it was a moth, but it sounds better that I was trying to save a butterfly. I popped the screen up along the bottom to let it out.  Well the screen also popped to the outside of the house at the top.  Uh oh.  So I let the beautiful "butterfly" out...and the screen.

Now, how do I get this thing back in?  It is long...I am short.  It isn't going in.  Maybe I have to be outside?  I let the window drop to the outside.  I head outside (with all the daycare parents watching me)...nope, definitely doesn't go in from the outside.

Back inside I go.  Okay, it is nice out, but still humid.  So much for a shower.  I try again. Ugh.  Where is Paul?  I text him in case he happens to be near.  I knew he wasn't, but I was stuck.  It is a gorgeous day and now I can't keep my window open because it doesn't have screen.  Come on in, all you gorgeous...stupid..."butterflies."  Nope, he is in La Porte City.  Okay, you are a grown woman, not helpless, you can do this.

Okay, I got it.  I have to take off both parts of the window. Yes, they are the "easy" to clean kind that fold down.  So I got them out.  Yep, open air for all the daycare parents to see.  Hope they didn't hear my few choice words. Cover the wee ones' ears.  So it still won't go in?  Oh wait, it looks a little (maybe a lot) bent - hmm, no idea how that happened (whoops).  Well,  it stills goes in with it bent.  Yes, now I have a screen back in the window.

I refuse to leave the rest of the window on the floor.  Self-talk - I am capable and smarter than a window (maybe not a 5th grader, but definitely a window).  I am short. Windows are heavy.   I need a much wider wing span. No pun intended.  I look more closely at the window.  Grrr...I guess I should clean them - off to get the Windex and paper towels.  I now have clean windows - inside and out. Time to try again...   Okay so I got the top part in, but won't stay up.  Anyone need a Guillotine?  (Yes, I had to look up how to spell that!)

I finally got it to stay up.  (Wipe the sweat off my face.)  Now for the bottom part.  It. will. not. go. in.  No way. It can't be this hard.  Mind you I have been on a step stool most of this time for leverage purposes. I prop up the window on the floor and head to the living room to look at a "model" window. Oh crap...I was trying to put it in upside down.  Clearly I am not rational at this point, and I am not smarter than a window.

Now I can put it in.  It's in...but it won't open?!  You STUPID, ugly moth.  I see these little track things. Okay, I must have to put it in above those?  FINALLY, it is in.  I am hot. It doesn't seem so nice out anymore. My coffee is cold.  And I hate that moth - wherever he is.

I think I will go call my chiropractor...and nuke my coffee.

P.S.  Not all of my rescues go bad.  At 7 a.m. I headed outside to save one of these little guys from my cat.  I grabbed the cat and brought her in.  The chipmunk is no longer shaking in the yard, so he got way. This time...

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  1. Oh, my. What a way to start your day. Maybe we should have had a" how to take out an put back in that type of window|" when you were home. Sounds like they are like ours. Oh, and I lucky ground squirrel and moth.